PositronX is a Rogue-lite First Person Shooter powered by Unreal technology. The game offers a highly customized FPS experience, innovative Time and Movement mechanics and highly detailed graphics

PositronX is a Rogue-lite First Person Shooter powered by Unreal technology. The game offers a highly customized FPS experience, innovative Time and Movement mechanics, highly detailed graphics and fully reactive environments. With basically countless different combinations of Weapons, Implants, Imprints and Upgrades, the game you will play will never be the same twice.


In PositronX you will die a lot. Based on the setup you choose to start with, the play-through could be either easier, harder or almost impossible to beat.
But don't take it personally if you die often, you are supposed to. There is an ever growing database with information that updates with each run. After a few deaths you should be getting the hang of it and you will be doing a lot better.

  • PositronX Dev Blog - Fun 1st!


    'Fun 1st' - Episode 2

    In this episode we are emphasizing on at least 3 new information in the world of Positron. What we can observe here is the way shooting and rewinding work together when used wisely and how easy it is to dispose a large amount of enemies facing them directly, using only one weapon and one implant.

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  • PositronX Dev Blog - Fun 1st


    'Fun 1st' - Episode 1

    The start of the series which will reveal the why, what and how to play PositronX and the details of what we've implemented for each of the episode.

    Each episode will have at least an image/video to exemplify what we're talking about (generally a video) and written details about stuff thats not in the presentation material but its imprtant for the subject at hand.

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  • Dev Log - PositronX Closed Alpha on Steam


    Our first Closed Alpha (version 0.1) of PositronX is live on Steam now. We have invited a few people to start playing the current version at this time and as we go along we will invite even more. We will make sure everybody who already played the game and won access to it will eventually be invited to access the game in this stage.

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  • PositronX - First Person Rogue-lite Shooter


        Positron can be categorized as being a First Person Rogue-lite Shooter in the likes of Ziggurat or Tower of Guns. We removed parts of the FPS mechanics that we felt weren't a good match for the gameplay we were aiming at. No reload, no crouch, no aiming down sights. Everything is simpler and straightforward. However, this doesn't mean PositronX is a simple to win game. The fact that you can just shoot  doesn't mean you should, ammo is limited and enemies are plenty and this strategy will probably just get you killed.

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  • PositronX & Unreal Engine 4


        This is not our first project we've prototyped using Unreal Engine 4 but it is the one we've developed farthest with this technology. The decision we've made to anounce PositronX as being our next commercial title however was a result of a cumulus of choices and circumstances, many of them not related to technology.

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  • The jump from Action RPG to Roguelite FPS


      First commercial game developed by Scorpius Games is called I Shall Remain ( and it's an old style Action RPG with a few twists and turns and a good survival slate tossed aside. Gameplay wise it is very complex, allowing for countless hours of gameplay with different character combinations and setups.

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